Indulge in the enchantment of recording your encounters with magic, spells, and all the mysterious encounters that the world has to offer. This exquisite, handcrafted journal is bound in genuine Italian leather and features an original design developed in our very own workshop.

We take pride in the fact that each and every one of our journals is a unique creation, not a replica of someone else’s work.

The front cover plate features a recessed central part with a wooden plate surrounded by embossed frames and a brass frame with corners. The white leather is hand-toned and aged. In the center, a handmade dragon carved from thick, specially prepared leather is placed over the wooden plate. In a later process, a hardener is applied with bookbinder’s mixtures and the dragon is gilded and aged.

The journal measures 10″ x 13.3″ (25 cm x 34 cm) and has a thickness of 2 3/4 inches (6.7 cm). The book block contains 250 leaves (500 pages) of heavy-weight blank white paper, weighing 160 gsm. The high-quality paper is exceptionally smooth to write on and does not bleed through. The journal weighs approximately 10 pounds or 4.5 kg.

All images © 2012-2023 alexlibris

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