The Great Grimoire

An exquisite hand made large leather journal for you to record your encounters with magic, spells and the mysteries the world has to offer.

Journal size is 12.2 x 9 inches (31 x 23 cm) and thickness is near 2.5 inches (6 cm) without central detail. Book block have around 400 leaves (800 pages if count both side of paper) of 80 gsm clean white paper.DSC_9189

Book cover is bounded in hand toned bloody red leather with a lot of carved, embossed and gilded elements. Leather stripes on closure system are from genuine lizard leather.

Pentagram and frame are made from hand carved, embossed and gilded thick leather – hardener with special bookbinders mixtures. Bellow pentacle and aged glass is detail with tree of life.


DSC_9177 DSC_9180


Book of Shadows…

The unique leather bound blank book with pentacle, medieval styled, with deep tooled decorations for fine collectors among you…

Journals size areĀ 10.5 x 8 inches (26.5 x 20 cm) with thickness around 2.5 inches. Journals have 500 – 700 pages, depend of model, with cream toned paper, hand torn and unique gilded edges.


DSC_8382mDSC_8788DSC_8766DSC_8775+ (1)