Dark Brotherhood…

An exquisite hand made large leather journal for you to record your encounters with magic, spells and the mysteries the world has to offer. Handcrafted using genuine Italian leather and real alligator hide…

Journal size is in 10″ x 13″ (33 x 25 cm) and thickness around 2.5 inches (6 cm). The front cover plate has brass frame around a hole to the picture on the front endpaper and rich decoration in medieval style. The spine part is unique decorated and the back cover plate has metal pins. Leather is hand toned and aged in dark brown color tone. The book block has 300 leaves (600 pages) of strong 120 gsm weight clean white paper. Paper edges are aged and gilded.

Leather book / box

Custom made full leather bound book / box for Blu-ray SteelBook with unique pull-out system…



“Good Fellas” are only for measurements and testing how steelbook fit inside box. Obviously, box is custom made for some other movie… 🙂

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Customer video (on German):



Rosicrucian journal…

Custom ordered The Rosicrucian journal…

…10 x 7 inches; special parchment paper; 800 pages; brass cornering; straps; hand carvings; gilding; etc.




The Haunted One…


Alex was amazing throughout the whole process from beginning to end. Not only is he a world class book binder, he is a world class person as well. He allowed me to collaborate with him and exchange ideas until we came up with the perfect book together. He guided me away from mistakes I would have made and steered the project in the perfect direction. He communicated with me everyday and sent me pics of the process the whole time, it was very exciting and I looked forward to it each mourning. The book came out amazing. I could not have asked for anything better, it exceeded my wildest expectations and it is worth every penny and more. It is rare to find someone with the skill, expertise and professionalism that Alex has.
At the end he even watched the tracking of the shipment and notified me every step of the way. I will be buying many more books from Alex and he will remain my life long bookbinder and friend. I very highly recommend Alex as your life long book binder as well.

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Traveler journals…

This special leather journal is adorned with leather detail in different color tone and black leather layer inside cover. Hand tinted, specially embossed, and gilded for the fine collectors among you…

Journals size is 5 x 4 inches and thickness is 2 inches… Leather is double layered (inside have black leather face too) and made this journal very stronger with nice feeling in hands. Journal has 200 hand torn leafs (400 pages if you count both sides of the paper) of 100gsm cream toned paper with unique gilded edges. Paper is excellent for writing or sketching with ink. Leather stripe adorn the cover placing an intrigue when opening and discovering its beauty.

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aLexLibris036 aLexLibris059 aLexLibris067 aLexLibris070


The House Targaryen journal…

Special made custom ordered journal in genuine alligator leather; size 10 x 8 inches with thickness around 1.5 inches. Book block has 120 leaves; 240 sides if count both sides of paper and its made with special type of vintage paper 120gsm weight; carefully stained and aged…

targaryen01 targaryen02a targaryen02b targaryen03 targaryen04 targaryen05 targaryen06 targaryen07 targaryen08 targaryen09 targaryen10 targaryen11

“I got it today! Amazingly, it took only one week to get the package!

This journal is not what I expected… it greatly exceeded my expectations!!

The nicely embellished clasps, the wings, the dorsal spikes are all well designed and craftsmanship is immaculate. The chain gives me the feeling of Daenerys trying to use it to withhold the dragon and the glass eye seems so alive.

The aged papers look so ancient, and the end paper with the house sigil and motto really top it off.

I am particularly pleased with Alex’s step by step communication and he supplemented with lots of photos so that you knew what was going on.

Alex is obviously very talented with book design. He has a pair of magical hands and a very creative mind. The decoration on the book spine with dorsal spikes and wings was his sole idea!

Am I going to get more journals from Alex? You bet! Watch out this space for more Game of Thrones journals! I am ready when he is ready!”

Call of Cthulhu…

“In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” 

Journal size is 6.5 x 5.5 inches (16 x 13 cm); thickness is 2 inches (5 cm)… gilded, embossed & hand toned vegtan leather. Journal have around 240 leaves (480 pages if count both sides of paper) of 100gsm cream toned paper which will work for writing and sketching with ink. Paper edges are carved and gilded on unique way.

Journals are made under the licence of Chaosium Inc. … “Call of Cthulhu” is a Registered Trademark of Chaosium Inc.

cthulhu01 cthulhu02 cthulhu03 cthulhu04 cthulhu05 cthulhu06 cthulhu07 cthulhu08 cthulhu09 cthulhu10 cthulhu12