We are seasoned, experienced and highly trained bookmakers, with over 20 years experience inherited from several generations. We have acquired highly sophisticated bookbinding skills enriched with other handmade crafts.

Many hours are spent on methods & new techniques are carefully considered before starting to create extraordinary books. All commissions are carefully discussed and considered with each client. Alex (our chief bookmaker) can proudly look back on a heritage that has earned him a name with some of the most highly skilled bookmakers in the world. With his deep admiration for this craft he honed his expertise in working with leather. These works of art adorn the shelves of thousands of people around the globe who appreciate the once forgotten art… In the future there are plans to train and educate the next generation in this wonderful sphere of creation.

The Brand name: alexlibris was started in 2012. This parallels the online shop and first introduction of his art to the worldwide public. In the future there are plans to train and educate the next generation in this wonderful art…


“And thank you to our master bookbinder AlexLibris for designing and handcrafting a stunning leather bound and goldleafed book for The Clan’s textual opus.”

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Sales map:

The map present the locations reached by our books from the 2012. to the present day. Shipping to selected countries only. Exceptions by request.

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NOTICE: Please be aware that the prices in our Etsy shop are higher due to associated fees imposed by the platform. For more competitive prices, we recommend visiting our web shop. We strive to provide the best value for our exceptional handcrafted books directly to our valued customers.