An exquisite hand made wooden / leather journal for you to record your encounters with magic, spells and the mysteries the world has to offer…

Journal size of is 7 x 9 inches and thickness is 3 inches. The book block is made with 80 gsm acid-free, cream toned paper and has around 400 leaves (800 pages). Oak wooden plates are hand toned and partially bound in leather. Central detail, two-faced Valknut symbol is hand carved from thick leather, gilded and aged. 24 runes, arranged in 3 groups of 8 runes present Norse Gods and Goddesses. In the middle is Odin’s valknut. Meaning of the book title on the book spine is: “The Words of the High One”.

_DSC3767 (2)_DSC3764_DSC3765_DSC3759

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