Anatomia… February 2016.

Full leather bound blank book in size of 8 x 10.6 inches and thickness of 4 inches on higher place. The book block has 260 leaves (520 pages) of special, vitage paper type for letterpress printing. Paper is coffee stained and carefully aged to look like in very old books.

On front cover plate, dominate an exquisite leather rib cage. Its hand carved from thick leather, realistic formed, hand toned and canned with special bookbinder’s mixtures. Book cover plates has gradient levels with many layered applications, embossings, carvings – over all, specially designed to be unique book on whole the world.

In “chained libraries” books are were chained to lecterns or shelves to prevent theft. In that reasons, this book have sturdy mounted chain on back cover plate. Locking of the book is made with leather stripes, decorative metal ends and pegs embedded in edge of thick front cover plate. This clasps adorn the cover placing intrigue when opening and discovering its beauty.


…and one picture from work process.


6 thoughts on “Anatomia… February 2016.

  1. Hello! I’m curious to know if these books have writings inside (anatomy texts and pictures, in this case) or if they’re all blank…
    By the way, what an amazing piece of art!

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