House Stark journal is in 10 x 8 inches, thickness little more than 2 inches, 120 leaves of aged special type of vintage paper, rich carved cover, special toned leather.  In short, one of most complex journals ever made…
Customer review:
Arya peeks at his father from the study room door while he is journaling behind his great oak desk.  “Come here, Arya”, Ned Stark said in a gentle tone.
“What are you doing, father?”  Arya has her fourth birthday coming next week and she wants to know what birthday gift she will be getting from her father.
“I am accounting the council affairs on my journal so that one day, your brothers can refer to it and rule Winterfell in an orderly manner.”  Ned lift and put her on the desk.
“How come fur grows from this journal?  And why did you break our castle wall to make this journal?” Arya asked innocently.
“My dear, I commissioned a very talented bookmaker to make this journal for me.  He lives far away from us in Serbia and his name is Alexander.  He travelled to Winterfell last winter and stayed here for a year to make this journal.  I asked him to design a journal based on what he saw and felt in Winterfell and he presented me with his journal.”  Ned said it proudly.
“The papers used for this journal are very sturdy.  They can probably last until your grandchildren become grandparents.  The leather bound cover imitates the north side of our castle wall in winter time.  It is in such great details and must have taken Alexander months to make.  The fur I asked him to put on the journal was from a dire wolf I killed when I was 12.  That kill was definitely worth mentioning and I have put it in the first chapter.  The dire wolf measured 10 feet long without the tail.  I lied in bed for two months from the wounds I got from the wolf.  I am so glad that this story can now be known through this journal.”

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