A jewel of a binder cover…
Hand made special commission piece based on the classic Universal picture of Frankenstein 1931. Ring binder cover, made for contract signed between Boris Karloff and Universal Pictures…
We gave a new dimension to this ring binder – a kind of realistic skin feel and touch. Leather has real soft touch like human skin. The cover of the binder also has a very rustic effect encompassing the decaying monster from the film. The skin parted exposing it’s wound – quite perfect.
Size of cover is 10 x 15 inches; oak wooden base of cover; specially prepared picture bellow aged glass; hand toned leather; realistic wounds; carved cover edges; a lot of specially aged brass elements; etc. … one of our longest produced project with specially attention on every single detail.
 aLexLibris004DSC_5602a DSC_5603a DSC_5604a DSC_5605a


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