01 gogh 01 01 gogh 03 01 gogh 12May I present a special Journal for any art history admirer:

A hand made absinthe tinted creation which pays homage to a creative genius.

1889 – Van Gogh wrote to his brother-“Once again I am close to madness”… At this time in his life he entered the Saint Paul Monastery\Asylum- the brooding intense melancholy and atmosphere he felt was reflected in this self portrait.

The binding in chains and leather are a reflection on the conditions and restraints which induced the most intense creations thereafter ~ Journal size is 8.5 x 6.3 inches and thickness little more then 2.5 inches. Oak wooden plates are carefully aged, toned with several different mixtures with dominant absinthe shades.

Front cover has gradient levels with many layered applications & polished brass elements. In the centre of front cover, we see Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait trapped beneath toned glass. The book’s spine is made with hand colored and embossed vegetable tanned leather with patented brass details. Book block is made with 80 gsm clean white paper and has a minimum 400 leaves (800 pages). Book block have sewed pages, carved book edges and soft gilded with special antique gold colour.


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